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Assistive Technology: Means to Participate
We stand by the premise that a disability only exists as a description of a person’s level of participation in the world around them. It does not reside in the person, it does not define the person, it is the result of a lack of foresight on behalf of those who built the community in which that person resides, plays, learns, or works. A person’s potential to participate cannot be readily defined (as professionals too often attempt to do), but it certainly can be revealed; and in this era of rapid technological advances, that which can be imagined just might be attained.

We believe that Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services afford greater access to electronic information, education, communication, employment, and leisure activities for individuals whose level of participation has been hindered by the environment and defined as a disability. The CogniTech Café offers support to those individuals, service professionals, clinicians, and even vendors of technology products who wish to discover the potential of AT. This website aims to provide information and guidance to all who might benefit from use of assistive technologies.