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YAI/NIPD’s New Support Group for Manhattan Parents
of Children of all Ages on the Autism Spectrum.

Topics may include Navigating the Service System, Diagnostic Issues, Understanding Treatment Options, Psychopharmacology, Stress Reduction Techniques, Sibling & Marital Coping Strategies, and more.
For schedules or to make a referral: YAI/LINK at 212-273-6182.

These helpful trainings are available in Manhattan and the Bronx, and are given in both English and Spanish. This is a Family Support Program, so the family member must reside with the parent or guardian. Project Grow is a training program for parents/guardians to learn how to better manage their children, no matter what age.
Project Grown Up is a sexuality training program for adults. Please call Kelly Flanigan, coordinator of the program at: 212-273-6259.

Support Group for Grandparents of Autistic Children
Two meetings are currently scheduled: Wed, July 18 & Wed, Sept. 26 both from 2-4pm at Central Park Early Learning Center, 15 West 65 St. Created by Grandparents for Grandparents. Call Lee Miller if you would like to attend at: 718-793-1243 or 646-265-8736

WOWY a division of Special Citizens Futures Unlimited, Inc.
is offering a free support group for parents of people with autism. Held bi-weekly, Wednesdays at 6pm at 352 East 55 Street.
The facilitator is Dr. Terry Tolk. RSVP 212-362-1750